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Personal Protection Class

 Personal Protection Class teaches students that the use of force is only one method that can be deployed to defend yourself or others.
It is always preferable to escape, evade, deter, or otherwise avoid an attack rather than be forced to counter it with force, class covers numerous non-lethal techniques designed to deter or incapacitate an attack.
There are times, when circumstances allow no other option but the use of force to save your life and or the lives of others, a firearm is unquestionably the most effective defensive tool available, if it is used properly but it is not always the answer to every situation.

The ability to use a firearm effectively is not something anyone can do,  it must be taught and then must be reinforced through practice.

Our class provides insight to the fallowing areas    
  Self defense and the law
Strategies for home and personal safety
Mental preparation
Developing defensive shooting skills