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Carry Conceal

  1. How long is the class for carry conceal?

    It's a 12 hours state mandated class. We have an hour for lunch and many breaks throughout the class. Bring snacks if you wish and we also have bottled water and a pop machine. We make it a very interesting class :D

  2. Once I take the CCW Class, then what?

    Once you take and pass the class, you'll get a certificate from us. You'll take that certificate along with a photo ID, $67.00 and an application to the sheriff office which we also supply. Once there, the Sheriff will do a backround check and your license will then be sent in.

  3. Do I have to have a firearm to take the carry conceal class?

    No, we can provide you with a 22 semi automactic to qualify with. You will have to buy the ammuntion which we have. If you have a firearm and want to use it, bring it. DO NOT bring it loaded, your not certified to carry a loaded firearm. Put your firearm in a different area then the ammunition while driving out. You can bring your UNLOADED firearm into the class, leave your ammunition in your car. NO live ammunition is allowed in the class.

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